Techniques for writing for video

Techniques for writing for video

Something that may seem obvious but you need to be clear about, is that you’re making a video course. Not a book, or an online article.

A video course.

This is something quite unique, which will require a particular writing style that is different from other content you may create. 

You need to write your scripts in a way that appeals to and engages your audience, helping them to learn effectively.

Wait, what did I just say?


Yes, that’s right. Unless you’re in the 1% of people who can speak effortlessly and interestingly on a topic straight off the cuff, never deviating or rambling, you’ll need to write scripts for all your videos.

In this lesson, I’ll be explaining how to write scripts that work for video courses.

These are intimate, one to one interactions, conversations really. So your scripts should adopt the characteristics you show in conversation and complement your personality. The audience won’t pick up that it’s scripted and you’ll come across as a guru who knows their subject by heart and can speak engagingly about it at will.

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