Develop a course outline

Start with a course outline

Okay, It’s time to start creating your course. But where, and how do you start?

You’re sat with a blank sheet of paper, wondering where to begin. Should you just start writing and see where it takes you? Or should you first plan out all the modules you’ll need to write?

For almost everyone, the best place to start is to create a course outline

This is a high-level plan of all the topics you’ll be covering in your course. Getting this plan in place at an early stage will ensure that all the critical elements are included. It will help topics to flow in a natural direction and should speed up your course creation process.

J.K. Rowling used a similar approach when devising the twists and turns of her Harry Potter novels. And if it’s good enough for her, then it’s good enough for your course.

So, grab your favourite note-taking device and let’s get going.