Editing audio and music licencing

Music licencing and audio editing using LumaFusion

In this lesson, we discuss music licencing and audio editing using LumaFusion. 

Studies have shown that playing music in educational videos can increase dopamine levels in students and improve concentration. If you’re considering adding background music to your videos you must have the appropriate licence for any music you use.

The great thing is, included in your Storyblocks subscription is a vast array of music and sound effects to choose from at no additional cost.

It’s really important to choose a piece of music that doesn’t overpower your presentation. As awesome and epic as Hans Zimmer’s music scores are, they may not support your educational content as well as other music could. Make sure you spend some time choosing a piece that is a good fit for your course and try testing a few pieces before committing to one. 

Right, let’s head into LumaFusion and import our music.