Location and Building a Set

building a set for online course

When creating your online course, you’ll need a location and a set. 

First, you need to present from a location that makes sense to your audience. If you’re a chef, your set should be a kitchen. If you’re a business consultant, an office would be appropriate. 

If there’s no obvious location, think about what’s available to you?

Ideally, it should be somewhere you can set up and leave everything in place for the duration of filming. Putting up and taking down the set every day is not a good use of time!

A spare room in your house is the ideal location but think outside the box if you need to. For this course, I asked around and a local businessman agreed to lend me his flat in return for me shooting a promotional video for him.

There is no one-size fits all solution but in this video I’ll be giving you some tips and walking you through how I built the set for this course.